Educator Success Platform

We've got ESP, and we know what you're thinking...

Join hundreds of others who are embracing the Educator Success Platform to enhance the educational experience!

Take some of the weight off your teachers.

Paper is messy. Documents get crumpled, permission slips never make it home to parents. Relieve the burden. Move from paper to digital.

Gather and organize information faster.

From teacher evaluations to climate surveys, analyzing data is time consuming and often ineffective. Automate the tough stuff. Deliver real value.

Step into the 21st century.

With automated rubrics and self-assessments, teachers will improve their classroom practices. Finally, an app that does something for educators.

Effect change and leave a legacy.

Enhance your school climate and culture to foster learning. A safe, collaborative environment leads to a school's success.

The Educator Success Platform improves the quality of the educational experience in schools for teachers,
students, parents, and principals by offering fast, accurate insight into a school's overall operations and performance

*and so much more

The App Built by Educators, for Educators

Join hundreds of others who are embracing the Educator Success Platform to enhance the educational experience!

Take it from a real-life educator: It works!

“When I first saw ESP, I was nervous.

I hear the word ‘software’ and my whole body just shrinks in.

Once I saw how it worked, I thought,

‘There are so many more applications for something like this!’

I started spilling over with ideas.

I became a part of the ESP movement.

Now, what started as a platform just to make

teacher evaluations easier

is a  safe space for teachers to quickly view how students are doing;

it’s a place to measure classroom safety, a way for principals

to report out to their superintendents,

a faster, more efficient way to communicate with parents…

It’s changed the whole game for me!”

— Sarah Galligher, education professional, NH

ESP is a secure, cloud-based management system designed just for schools.

With the click of a button, educators can quickly develop a variety of templates to suit their needs in the moment.
With ESP, data can be organized, stored, and disseminated (within minutes!) to anyone with permission,

from superintendents to teachers to principals to parents. The applications are endless.

Teachers can...

  • Poll students on climate and culture practices
  • Create and customize templates for student assessment
  • Review and improve instructional practices
  • Track student behavior
  • Collect and track permission slips
  • Respond to surveys made available by their principal
  • Communicate with parents, and more

Principals can...

  • Fill out and store teacher evaluations all in one place
  • Receive reminders and view schedules for classroom visits
  • Auto-generate metrics on student or teacher performance
  • Use results from surveys to inform school budget decisions
  • Connect with stakeholders, and more

Every template is easily customized on the intuitive ESP platform,
and permissions can be set to different levels to protect privacy and access

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​​​Customizable Options

ESP Basic

1 Module*
Customizable Form Builder

Virtual Setup Support**
Email Support



Targeted ESP

Any 2 Modules*
Customizable Form Builder

Predefined Templates
Virtual Setup Support**
Email and Phone Support



ESP Gold

All Modules*
Customizable Form Builder

Predefined Templates
Virtual Setup Support**
Email and Phone Support



ESP Platinum

All Modules*
Customizable Form Builder

Predefined Templates
Ongoing Virtual Support
Email and Phone Support

Development of up to 10 forms


*Modules include: Surveys, School Forms, Evaluative Feedback, Instructional Rubrics
**Virtual Setup Support: Up to 2 hours assistance with initial setup
Add-ons, additional training and proprietary rubrics are available. Call 262-7DS-INFO for more information!

Discover how ESP can help you...

  • Identify instructional strengths and weaknesses and professional developmental needs
  • Make your teachers’ lives easier
  • Streamline evaluations and data collection
  • Quickly review reports and aggregate your data
  • Uncover common behavioral problems
  • Improve the climate of your schools since cyber-bullying has crept into the school environment
  • Cut down on paper use
  • And so much more

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The Educator Success Platform helps educators organize everything digitally

Don't miss out on expediting these operations in your school

and gaining back a quality educational experience!

  • Elevate school culture and climate
  • Implement an evaluation system that informs individual, school and district needs for professional development
  • Empower teachers to be teacher-leaders, providing instructional feedback to their peers
  • Manage parent permission slips online with easy access and tracking
  • Create customized forms to meet your individual school requirements
  • Improve instructional practices
  • Leverage consistent rubrics to evaluate student work and teacher performance
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