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Demonstrated Success Helps Schools in Math Improvement

February 12, 2019

Select Columns LayoutSchool improvement is challenging. There are so many initiatives that administrators and teachers consider in hopes of improving student learning. And while some of these approaches may be effective many are the flavor […]

Pinkerton Academy Profile

December 06, 2018

Pinkerton Academy is taking proactive steps this year, to support the social emotional health of its approximately 3,000 students through three initiatives with Demonstrated Success: 1. Youth Action Research around Climate and Culture, 2. Integrating […]

Education in Finland

November 12, 2018

Select Columns LayoutEvery fall teachers and students get a “fresh start,” and the majority of students are excited to progress to the next grade. There will be a new set of expectations,  new homework, a […]

Are Classroom Reading Groups the Best Way to Teach Reading?

October 14, 2018

​ Select Columns LayoutAre Classroom Reading Groups the Best Way to Teach Reading? Maybe Not. DS Professional Development Specialist and veteran teacher, Sarah Galligher reflects on a recent EdWeek article. Have you finished your benchmark assessments? Tis […]

NEA Fall Instructional Conference

October 05, 2018

Insert Image Insert Image On Friday, October 5th the NEA-NH hosted their Fall Instructional Conference in Bow.  With 540 educators attending, Demonstrated Success sent Professional Development Specialist, Sarah Galligher to take part in this energizing […]

Day at Wilton

September 24, 2018

On Tuesday August 28th, one of the hottest days of the year, I spent the day in the air-conditioned library at the Florence Rideout Elementary school in Wilton, NH.   There, the principal, Tim O’Connell, […]

Focus on One Thing

August 31, 2018

Insert Image Insert Image Insert Image Insert Image In September, we are all our most motivated, clearest thinking selves.  We enter the school year with optimism and intent.  The year’s potential is before us, a […]

Educator Success Platform

August 08, 2018

Select Columns Layout Select Columns Layout Select Columns Layout Select Columns Layout Select Columns Layout​Demonstrated Success is excited to debut a unique cloud-based platform that can bring ease to educators and schools. The Educator Success […]

NHSAS Reporting Structure

July 12, 2018

Select Columns Layout Select Columns Layout Select Columns LayoutResults from the new State Assessment (SAS) are out and ready to be reviewed.   We hope in the fall that all grade teams from 3rd through 8th […]

School Support

April 17, 2018

Among the various types of in-school support we at DS offer, the most exciting to me is helping teaching teams discover what they have been teaching well, and where they can make changes to improve […]

Competency Education Blog

March 21, 2018

Select Columns Layout It is with tremendous gratitude to our panelists and attendees, that our team at Demonstrated Success celebrates the success of our first ever Competency Panel/Workshop on February 6th.  Rich, insightful questions from […]

Hats Off to Allenstown!

February 22, 2018

Select Columns Layout Select Columns LayoutHats off to Allenstown Elementary staff and students for significant school improvement. Allenstown made an impressive accomplishment as they closed the gap between a subgroup of students.We are excited to […]

January 23rd Winter Consortium Workshop

January 23, 2018

Select Columns Layout Select Columns Layout Select Columns Layout Select Columns LayoutJanuary 23, 2018 – Winter NH Consortium Workshop In true New England style we had to pay close attention to the weather before the second […]

Timberlane is on the Move!

January 09, 2018

Insert Image Select Columns LayoutTimberlane school district is on the move! Like so many other school districts in NH, Timberlane is adopting new practices in teaching and learning, assessment, grading and reporting tied to a […]

Incredible October 24th Consortium Workshop

December 11, 2017

Insert Image Insert Image  October 24, 2017 (Concord, NH): Consortium Members get together for their Fall Workshop: Using Data, Developing Assessments, and Grading in a Competency Based SettingThere is never enough time; however, in the […]

PLC Teams with Intention

October 06, 2017

Successful transition to competency based education requires that teachers and administrators effectively collaborate to implement a myriad of changes such as student driven classroom practices, performance assessments, and revised grading and reporting systems. Because of […]

Third PACE Summer Institute

August 23, 2017

Last week, the third PACE summer Institute was held at Concord schools. Over two hundred NH educators attended. The Demonstrated Success team had the privilege of helping in the organization and facilitation of the event.The […]