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It is with tremendous gratitude to our panelists and attendees, that our team at Demonstrated Success celebrates the success of our first ever Competency Panel/Workshop on February 6th.  Rich, insightful questions from attendees generated energetic discussion with panelists, followed by breakout sessions that focused on each panelist’s area of interest and expertise.  We got plenty of positive feedback for each of the sessions. Helen Beattie’s session, motivated one attendee: “My head was spinning when I left. I was up early the next morning thinking about how I could make some radical shifts in empowering kid's voices and providing more personalized learning.”  Helen is the director of Up for Learning, a Vermont Based change organization that focuses on partnering adults and students to transform schools. David William’s session about building stakeholder support when transitioning to a competency model inspired an attendee: I'm so glad I attended the breakout session with David Williams. I learned so much and came away with great resources. I really think he has such a great sense of the vision!!!”

Asked about the day on a whole, one attendee responded: “The conference exceeded my expectations. Much appreciated!” Another wrote: “I wanted to hear all the presenters! But there was only time for two!”

 The positive response from attendees was tremendously gratifying for our team at DS.  The purpose of the panel/workshop was to offer low cost, high quality, inspiring professional development around Competency education to NH educators.  We intentionally mined new voices from different states, that we knew to be excellent thinkers in the field. It seems that we fulfilled our goal of providing a motivating, highly informative experience for our colleagues.  Our team has already started planning for the next panel/workshop day. Your thoughts about essential content are always welcome!