Statewide PD and IT Support

Working with all levels of school needs, Demonstrated Success' data coaching program helps schools leverage students performance data and demographic data to better understand gaps and improve instruction. We train educators to use proven protocols, collect and analyze comprehensive data, define goals and make targeted changes to achieve those goals and improve their teaching practices.  

Demonstrated Success develops strong, collaborative, trusting relationships with staff and administration, then pairs that relationship with strategic planning and key instructional and leadership training needed to transform the mindset and outcomes. 

Our IT experts focus exclusively on the business of education. We work with the accessible data, improved Learning Management Systems (LMS), and creating efficient processes to improve school, teacher, and student outcomes. 

A few examples for which we provide design, evaluation and review include:

Professional Development Support

IT Support

  • On-site visits, virtual webinars and meetings
  • Trauma Sensitive Schools Workshops
  • Evidence based instruction for literacy and math
  • Data-backed school improvement plans
  • One-on-one team coaching with targeted feedback
  • And More
  • IT Strategic Planning
  • Project Management
  • Business and Technical Design
  • Database Development
  • Programming and Training
  • And More