Workshops and Webinars

The New Hampshire Department of Education and Demonstrated Success have partnered together to offer webinars and workshops to assist your schools in analyzing and using data more effectively. 

To learn more about these webinars or our PD offerings, email us at info@DemonstratedSuccess.com.

We hope you enjoy the many webinars and workshops.

Please check back frequently for new offerings!

Tuesday, July 28 from 9am - 10am

Interim and Modular Assessments - Remotely

Without NH SAS data available, many educators are challenged with fully understanding what students have and have not learned this academic year. This makes fall student placement and individualized instruction difficult. By administering the SAS Benchmark and Modular assessments for whole grades, classes or individual students, educators can determine where to start their year, how much review will be needed, and what their students are ready to learn.

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Tuesday, August 4 from 9am - 10am

Creating a Local Assessment in Google Forms

We may be administering some assessments virtually during the 2020-2021 school. Creating your assessments using Google Forms allows your students to take the assessment at home while giving you immediate results at your home. Most of the assessments that you have written or come with your purchased programs can be created in Google Forms. Join us to learn about using Google forms to create assessments and view the results in ways that can inform your instruction.

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Tuesday, August 11 from 9am - 10am

How to Use Khan Academy With Your Classroom

Khan Academy is a powerful tool and resource that can be used by teachers to assign students mini lessons, assignments, and assessments that have been already created by the site designers. You can use Khan Academy to pre-assess understanding, track achievement, assign supplementary instruction, and even as inspiration for your own instruction. Join us to learn about how you can use Khan Academy for your students and as professional development for yourself. 

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Wednesday, August 12 from 9am - 10am

CommonLit to Keep Track of Student Progress By Standards

CommonLit is a resource known to many reading teachers, but what most don’t know is that CommonLit is more than just a resource for leveled passages. It also includes standards-aligned assessment questions and data tracking tools to help teachers and students measure progress against standards. Join us to learn more about how you can leverage CommonLit to gain valuable information about student progress.

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Tuesday, August 18 from 9am - 10am

Role and Use of Performance Assessments For the Start of the School Year

Performance Assessment is particularly valuable in the virtual environment because traditional assessments at home can give unrealistic information about student learning when students seek help from parents and peers. With Performance Assessment, students are held accountable for a process and a product that is unique and open ended, making the work more likely a reflection of that student’s efforts and ability. Additionally, Performance Assessment can be individualized and more engaging than quizzes and tests given online. Join us to learn about the criteria of quality performance assessments, and where to look to find existing grade- appropriate examples to use with your class.

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Past Webinars:

To view these webinars, please click on our You Tube Channel found HERE

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Trauma Informed Practices

Analyzing NHSAS Data

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Protocols & Routines for Effective Educator Teams

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Project Based Strategies to Foster Ownership of Learning

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