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Results from the new State Assessment (SAS) are out and ready to be reviewed.   We hope in the fall that all grade teams from 3rd through 8th have a process to go through the data to determine what went well for instruction during the 2017-2018 school year and what needs to be tweaked.

We have only just become used to the terminology and layout of the SBAC results and now we have to learn to ‘read’ the SAS results.   For the SBAC we had SUBJECTS, CLAIMS, TARGETS and STANDARDS. Now we have SUBJECTS, CATEGORIES, CLUSTERS and STANDARDS.









In addition to some name changes, the groupings have changed a bit.   In some cases, the groupings, or buckets for the collection of points in the SAS are identical to the SBAC groupings or buckets.  In some cases, they are different. This means that we can compare parts of the SAS results with results from the SBAC, but not all.

It is safe to compare the overall scores of the SBAC to the overall scores of the SAS.  Getting down to some detail will prove a little more difficult. If, for example, your team had a yearlong goal related to Improving Research for ELA, you will not find a comparable score in the SAS this year.   But if your team had a goal of improving Understanding of Ratio Concepts you will find a cluster to compare to this year’s SAS results.  

To understand the results from the SAS as they are laid out in PerformancePLUS please refer to the end of this article. As well as a copy of the Common Core Standards that can be found at CORESTANDARDS.ORG.   

SAS – Reporting Categories 


Grades 3-8

-Reading Informational Text

-Reading Literature

-Speaking and Listening*

-Writing Standards*

-Language Standards*


Grades 3 – 5

-Operations and Algebraic Thinking

-Numbers Base Ten and Fractions

-Measurement Data and Geometry

Grade 6  

-Ratios and Proportional Relationships and Number Systems

-Expressions and Equations

-Geometry and Statistics and Probability

Grade 7  

-Ratios and Proportional Relationships and Number Systems

-Expressions and Equations


-Statistics and Probability

Grade 8  

-Expressions and Equations, and Number systems


-Geometry, and Statistics and Probability

-Modeling and Problem Solving**

-Use Mathematical Reasoning**

*Note: Percent Points Correct details only, no Scaled Scores

** Note: Scaled Scores only, no Percent Points Correct details


SAS Reporting Hierarchy


Please call us or send us an email with any questions you have related to understanding the results of the new state assessment.

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