Meet Our Team

Ph.D.,  MPA  


Mike Schwartz

Mike brings decades of education and technology experience to assist states, districts and schools. Following his education in public policy at Harvard University, Mike focused his consulting skills to make a difference in K-12 education. He has worked at the state and local level and served as chairperson and a member of his school board for 10 years. Mike earned his Ph.D., with a focus on the importance of civic responsibility and 21st-century skills, within public schools.

MSW, M.ED / Director of Professional Development and Lit. Curriculum

Karen Matso

Karen has 20 years of experience as an educational leader, focusing in literacy, special education and RTI, curriculum and assessment. Most recently she has served as an educational consultant in New Hampshire and has facilitated professional development and school transformation initiatives in New Hampshire, Maine, and Connecticut. Karen is a passionate educator and lively presenter

M.ED / Director of Assessment and Math Curriculum

Heather Jenkins

Heather put her love for data analysis and math to work in her careers in both the technology and education industries. With more than 15 years as an early elementary teacher, she is skilled in curriculum design and delivery, PLC’s and data use, and strategies in both ELA and math. 

AS / CS  Technology Manager

Ryan Stevens

Ryan has 18 years of information technology experience in education, insurance and finance. He turns ideas into reality through technology. He spent 9 years as a software developer at the NH Department of Education, helping build information systems such as Apprenticeship, Career and Technical Education, i4see, Grant Management, Food and Nutrition, Educator Evaluation and Statistical Surveys.

B.S. in Business Adm. / Manager of Communications

Paula Tsetsilas

Paula is a data-driven marketing specialist with a B.S. in Business Administration who spent over a decade building multi-media advertising campaigns for leading national brands like General Motors, Verizon and the Dial Corporation. During her ten years at home raising young children, Paula developed a passion for education and made the transition to support public schools. Paula is a past PTA co-president and elected School Board member.

BA / Product Specialist

India Wardell

India is an administrative professional with 10+ years of managerial experience with an unparalleled ability to prioritize and carry out multiple projects and deadlines. Her background includes but not limited to office management, nonprofit coordination and classroom education.

M.CS / Lead Developer

Kevin Scott

Kevin is a Senior Developer and has spent three years with Demonstrated Success. He has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and has been developing database driven software programs for over a decade.

M.ED / Data Specialist

Ann Mordecai

 Ann helped her local elementary school turn from being one of the lowest performing in the state to the top performer as measured by the state accountability system. Ann has the direct experience to help teachers personalize instruction. As a math specialist, Ann brings years of experience and a thorough knowledge of state and national standards.

M.ED / Professional Development and School Specialist

Tammy Hilton

Tammy brings nearly 20 years of educational experience as a K-12 classroom teacher and instructional specialist.  She has a M.S.Ed in Literacy, a CAGS in gifted education, and a BS as a classroom teacher. She also is also certified as an assistant principal. 

M.ED / School Support Specialist

Cyndy Currier

Cyndy has years of experience working in public schools as a teacher, technology director and trainer. Cyndy has played many roles including support with formative assessments, data use by teachers and administrators, educator evaluation systems, and years of support for data collection — assisting schools with local student information systems and state data submission.

B.S / Developer

Chris Sleys

Chris is a broadly experienced technologist with 7+ years in the field. Core competencies in software development and maintenance with a number of successes in optimization and refactoring. Additional skill sets in networking, system administration, computer security, and artificial intelligence.


M.ED / Professional Development Specialist

Lisa Sweet

Lisa Sweet taught middle school math and science in public schools with additional experience in private and international school settings. Lisa has worked in educational publishing developing curriculum and aligning existing curricula with new standards. Lisa has strong content knowledge and an excellent understanding of the everyday challenges of the classroom. Lisa believes that teachers are the most important factor in student learning and is committed to supporting educators to realize their true capacity. 

M. IT / Senior Developer

Frank Dalton

Frank is a System Developer and joined Demonstrated Success in 2018. An experienced developer, Frank has worked in the education and finance aren as as a software developer. Frank has a Master’s in IT from Southern NH University and a Bachelors in Computer Science from Salem State University.

 Communications & Social Media Specialist

Christopher Edwards

Chris has a B.A. in  English Major from the University of New Hampshire. Chris has spent six years serving underprivileged youth in New York and Connecticut and has developed as passion for Education Policy.


Elias Roussos

Elias is a web developer with a mission to improve the world one  positive application experience at a time.  He hopes to achieve that by creating applications that are efficient, reliable, and effect joy in their use. Elias' skillset includes system and network administration, JavaScript, and database design and management.

Office Administrator and Event Specialist

Elizabeth Dion

Elizabeth's background is marketing and channel sales and has spent the past ten years volunteering and subbing in schools. She believes education is critical for every being and supports those that are ready to move forward and learn at any age. 

ESOL Education Specialist

Laura Schreiber

Laura Schreiber is a classroom teacher and comparative education expert based in Maryland, with 15 years of experience in multiple districts and countries. Beginning in 2008 as a Fulbright Scholar in Taiwan, Laura taught English and developed English curricula for rural public schools. Upon returning to the US, Laura taught grades 4 through 6 to a multinational student body in Fairfax County, VA. 

Senior Developer

Joseph Sherburne

Joe has a Masters in IT and has been developing systems for nearly a decade.  Joe spent 3 years as a developer for the Department of Education, helping build upon existing systems such as their student collection, Education Statistics and ESOL systems.  Joe’s a full-stack developer with a strong focus in database and .NET development.

Joe enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and enjoying local restaurants.

Professional Development and School Specialist

Gabriela Timothy

Gabriela has a dual master’s degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. She is a Doctoral Candidate and is focused on Universal Design for Learning, Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, Blended Learning, Multi-Tiered Support Systems for Diverse Learners.

Professional Development and School Specialist

Lauren Mercier

Lauren Mercier is a public school educator with 17 years experience as a classroom teacher, school counselor and administrator and has worked with students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Lauren is a strong advocate for students and staff, working collaboratively to resolve social, behavioral and academic issues. 

IT Intern

Jonathan Nelson

Jonathan is about to enter his senior year at the University of New Hampshire, working towards a B.S in Computer Science.  He has an interest in software development, and is excited to  develop his skills and start his professional career with an internship position here at Demonstrated Success.

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Meet Our Partners

To supplement our areas of expertise, Demonstrated Success has partnered with these highly regarded specialists in areas such as project based learning, competency-based education, personalized learning, school culture & climate and more.


Carolyn L. Berenson

Carolyn L. Berenson is an adjunct faculty member at Southern New Hampshire University, has researched in depth and presented on online and blended learning for students with disabilities.  Her findings are published in the Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals.  She is the founder of i-Pedagogy LLC, which continues her mission to promote online learning that is designed inclusively to build stronger communities of learners.  She holds a Masters of Education, a certification in special education, and a graduate certificate in advanced online instruction. 

ESOL Education Specialist

Adriana Brown

With over 18 years of public education experience in Annapolis, Maryland, I have become a specialist in early childhood education for multilingual learners. 12 years were spent teaching kindergarten and 1st grade in Title One schools with significant numbers of multilingual learners. The following 6 years were as an English Language Development teacher. An advocate for our multilingual learners and their families, I represented them on the school's leadership team working to ensure representation in the School Improvement Plan. I piloted a co-teaching model in grades K-5 and coached co-teaching teams using an English language development model based in project based learning. I co-authored that curriculum which effectively aligned content and language objectives. In the last 4 years, I have focused on teacher training and professional development working with teachers all across Maryland, Delaware, and Ohio as well as teachers across the country as a facilitator of online graduate level professional development courses.

ExpandED Consulting

Jaclyn Karabinas

Google for Education Certified Trainer, Heinemann Professional Development Online PD consultant, and UNH Learning through Teaching adjunct. She enjoys being outside, and spending time with her 7 year old daughter.

Principal, Marston Elementary

Lois Costa

Lois Costa is a New Hampshire native who grew up in Nashua and graduated from the University of New Hampshire with her bachelor’s and master’s degree. She taught third grade twelve years in Merrimack, while completing her administrative certificate at Rivier University. Lois is the principal in Hampton, NH for the Adeline C. Marston School. In 2012, her school was named the Elementary School of Excellence (EDies) and she continues to serve on the state board. In 2014, she was named Principal of the Year and traveled to the Dominican Republic to build a school as part of the Lifetouch Memory Mission. In 2016, she graduated from Southern New Hampshire University as part of the first doctoral cohort with an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership with a focus on school climate as it relates to building leadership and student achievement. Committed to the power of positive leadership, Lois currently adjuncts at Southern New Hampshire University advising doctoral students.


Bill Wilmot

Bill supports school teams to rethink curriculum, instruction, and learning environments to provide access to all, using the Universal Design for Learning framework as a tool for redesign. In addition, he has consulted with schools on design and redesign of their programming, especially in the areas of project based learning, social-emotional learning, leadership, and strategic planning. Bill has written and presented nationally on a variety of topics including UDL, project based learning and disabilities, and social emotional learning and collaborative leadership.

Literary Specialist

Sarah Galligher

Sarah has been in education for 17 years. She was integral part of enacting change in an underperforming school and eventually earning the school “The School on the Move” Prize for staggering growth. Sarah brings content knowledge in K-6 and Special Education. She also is a member of her local board.

Experiential Learning Specialist

Susan Johnson

Susan Johnson is the founder and director of the expanded learning opportunity program in Kittery, Maine. Susan was recognized by Nellie May as the 2017 Lawrence O'Toole Teacher Leadership Award Winner. A highly innovative educator, Susan understands how student-centered environments prepare our future workforce and leaders to master the academic knowledge, critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills they need to thrive.

School Leadership Specialist

Thomas Ledue

Tom is an educational consultant and school coach with over thirty years in school leadership and instruction across grades K-12. As an Assistant Principal and Principal for 16 years, he was at the forefront of leading both a high school and an elementary school through strategic change to support dramatically improved student outcomes. Tom is passionate about education; he is always eager to work with teachers and school leaders to improve their craft to support their students and each other more effectively. 


Lindsey Mitchell

Lindsay Mitchell, CAGS, MPA is a NH educator with 14 years of experience in the classroom and 11 years online experience. She has a CAGS in Educational Leadership, a Masters Degree in Public Administration, and a Principal Certification. She has presented in conferences, webinars, and had work published through Edutopia.


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School Leadership Specialist

Ken Page

Ken is a lifelong Vermont educator who moved from Vermont to New Hampshire in 2018. He was a teacher, principal and Executive Director of the Vermont Principals' Association for 40+ years. He helped to pass a principal mentor law in Vermont, to support early career school leaders. In retirement, Ken served as the coordinator of the Margaret Waddington Leadership Initiative with the Center for Creative Leadership ( in Greensboro, NC. In July of 2018, Ken came out of retirement to serve as the Interim Executive Director of the New Hampshire Association of School Principals. He now volunteers for CASA and mentors new school leaders. He and his wife Meg, a retired librarian, live in Dublin, NH.

School Leadership Specialist

Ron Robert

For 18 years, Ron was at the helm of schools in Hollis, Buxton and most recently in North Berwick where he was named Maine’s NAESP’s National Distinguished Principal. He has been recognized for his ability to involve parents and the community in the school, creating a system of support for students who are struggling and excelling, and for cultivating a positive school climate.

Speech and Language Pathologist / Literacy 

Laura Theobold

Laura Theobald, Speech and Language Pathologist specializing in literacy- nearly 30 years in education, 2 sons, one in HS and the other in college. Laura enjoys spending time with friends and family, pets, and being active outside. 

School Leadership Specialist

Kimberly Yarlott

.2017 NH Elementary Principal of the year. Innovative, forward thinking and highly skilled with Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment. Superintendent and Principal Certifications. Skilled in all aspects of school management, and, passionate about educator development, research, proven best practices and education pedagogy. Strong with data management and student performance analysis. DOE work includes the Professional Standards Board and Code of Ethics development. Past experience as an Adjunct Faculty for Graduate level courses. Strong education professional with a CAGS focused in Educational Leadership and Administration, Masters from Plymouth State University. 



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