To effectively target instruction for individual students and groups of students, educators must consider multiple measures. PerformancePLUS has been a staple in New Hampshire for a decade offering schools a tool to pool multiple assessments, multiple student characteristics (e.g. attendance, suspension, etc.) into a single dashboard. Demonstrated Success is working with the New Hampshire Department of Education and SunGard to offer PerformancePLUS to the school districts of New Hampshire.

There are five modules that allow educators to manage assessments, run reports, create local assessments, dive into a content library of standards aligned questions, manage curriculum and instruction and find gaps in student learning.


Performance Tracker and Assessment Builder

The first two modules, Performance Tracker and Assessment Builder, allow you to view reports and include both state, national and local assessments. You will be able to access one-click 'push reports' that provide longitudinal analysis, demographic subgroup information, item level data, student rosters, and growth reports. You can also view a content library of assessment questions. You can develop your own assessments and produce additional reports to drive instruction.

OLA - Online Assessments

Online Assessments allows you to conduct an online assessment. For example, you can setup a math fluency, algebra or math facts assessment, create a critical reasoning performance task assessment or a common core aligned assessment based upon SBAC, PARCC or similar assessment questions. Your students can take the assessment on-line.

ILP - Individual Learning Plan

This module enables you to create a learning plan for each student, or perhaps just a subset of students. You can track interventions and run progress monitoring reports to analyze student growth. Student artifacts can be uploaded as part of an electronic portfolio.

CC - Curriculum Connector

Curriculum Connector, allows teachers to define and plan their standards aligned curriculum and instruction. They can pull from instructional material available nationwide. Once assessed, the student results can be analyzed in relationship to the curriculum.