Pinkerton Academy is taking proactive steps this year, to support the social emotional health of its approximately 3,000 students through three initiatives with Demonstrated Success: 1. Youth Action Research around Climate and Culture, 2. Integrating the 16 Habits of Mind into their curriculum and instruction, and 3. Supporting students after prolonged absences. 

 Pinkerton is engaging in a Youth Action Research Project (YPAR),  collecting culture and climate perception data from students, staff and parents, and analyzing that data to determine action steps to improve the student and staff experience at Pinkerton.  The survey will collect information around teaching and learning, engagement and sense of belonging at Pinkerton.  The Pinkerton leadership team, called “C-Change,”  is led by a group of 5 students and 5 teachers, facilitated by a Demonstrated Success trainer.  The C-Change team will administer the SAFEMEASURES™ climate survey in the Demonstrated Success Educator Success Platform (ESP), arrange follow up focus groups, analyze the data for trends, and based on their findings, create targeted action steps to take to make needed changes at Pinkerton. 

In addition to the culture and climate action research work, Pinkerton Academy is also developing Freshman Seminar curriculum aimed at cultivating the 16 Habits of Mind.  A team of staff members is working with a Demonstrated Success coach to learn about the Habits of Mind and how to support internalization of the 16 disciplines through discreet instructional practices.  The team will use their learning this year to develop a manual to be used by all Freshman Seminar teachers.  The team will also develop an action plan to expand the inclusion of the 16 Habits of Mind into grades 10-12.  

Lastly, a student support team at Pinkerton Academy is engaging with Demonstrated Success to improve their support protocols for students who have been absent due to illness, trauma,

or suspension.  A mental health consultant from Demonstrated Success will first address the team to create a common understanding of the signs that an adolescent manifests when he/she is struggling with reintegration at school.  Then the team will assess their support resources and develop a protocol of support.   Lastly the team will implement the protocol and meet to debrief and trouble shoot their interactions with students, and revise the support protocol as needed. 

 Kudos to Pinkerton Academy for striving to make their campus a welcoming and safe environment, for honoring the increased social-emotional needs of students, and equipping their students with important habits of thinking that will benefit them in school and in their world.

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