Demonstrated Success has embarked on an exciting partnership with Ramapo for Children, a New York based nonprofit, to bring new learning opportunities to New England educators. Our team members, Sarah Galligher and Karen Matso spent a week in January immersed in the Ramapo model, which focuses on developing educators’ skills in four major areas: 1. developing relationships and serving as role models, 2. setting clear expectations and routines, 3. adapting for individual needs, and 4. responding, reflecting and repairing relationships in the school community.

At the foundation of this work is the belief that maladaptive adult and student behavior is the communication of an individual’s unmet needs or undeveloped skills.  Once an individual’s physical and emotional needs are met, that individual is available to take on new learning and master needed skills. Using Ramapo’s “toolbox” with our personalized model of professional development, our team will provide will provide whole staff training, and coaching to sensitize educators to the overlooked needs of students in their classrooms, as well as within the adult school community.  Using the Ramapo model, we hope to empower the adults that work with students to bring their best selves to the task, serving as role models, relationship builders, and effective facilitators of learning.