The obstacles posed by a virtual learning environment cannot be tackled alone, and we are here to help!

As new cases of the coronavirus are recorded, more and more schools are preparing for hybrid or full-time virtual instruction. Teachers, parents, and administrators need as much support as possible to ensure that all children are being provided with quality, equitable education that will equip their students for the future, and Demonstrated Success can help.

In an article found in the Washington Post, authors Laura Meckler, Valerie Strauss and Moriah Balingit wrote the following:

“Early evidence from this new era of homeschooling suggests students, teachers and parents are having vastly different experiences, with existing gaps in resources exacerbated and new divides opening.”

These authors point to a number of challenges faced by families and teachers trying to navigate remote instruction. One concern of remote learning includes teacher burnout as USA Today reported a month ago that 1 of 5 teachers may not return in the fall. Another rising concern is parental burnout as parents continue to moderate their children’s educational growth while juggling jobs, finances, and the health needs of  their children. 

As the novel coronavirus continues to keep children at home, tensions between the schools and parents are growing. According to Carl Hooker of Tech and Learning “there is much more scrutiny (of educators) as parents look for support to help with the transition to learning at home.” While parents' feelings are justified, teachers and administrators should not carry that burden alone. No doubt this scrutiny of educators is driving some teacher burnout reported by USA Today. Carl Hooker suggests, in order to relieve the pressure on educators, schools should offer parent academies to educate and empower parents.

The question is, how do you offer parent academies while juggling the other issues that come with teaching remotely? With new remote learning offerings, Demonstrated Success can offer your parents educational webinars and direct support to help bridge the homeschooling experience so that educators and parents have a consistent approach.

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