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Timberlane school district is on the move! Like so many other school districts in NH, Timberlane is adopting new practices in teaching and learning, assessment, grading and reporting tied to a competency education model.  Big change requires thoughtful leadership and Timberlane leaders have made a powerful choice by investing in their strongest change agents: Teachers. working in collaborative problem-solving teams.

At each of the five elementary schools in the district, Demonstrated Success coaches have been working with grade level teams in PLC’s to build sustainable practices that will ensure collaborative, creative problem solving to drive Timberlane’s initiatives. Grade level PLC’s have established routines and protocols to assure consistency, sustainability, and positive team culture. Teams have been learning to analyze their common assessment data to discern the value of different sources of data, make changes to grade level curriculum, and plan for instruction that targets areas of weakness in the classroom and in tiered intervention. Teams have identified areas where they lack formative and summative feedback on student performances, and they have started to develop assessment opportunities to fill those gaps.  

Building Principals report that their teachers are more aware of the power that student data from common assessments can have on focusing instruction.   Grade level PLC’s have used trend data to identify specific standards and competencies to focus on for shared student learning objectives.  Teams are setting shared goals, progress monitoring, and having conversations about how to improve learning for their classrooms.