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If you have used PerformancePLUS you know the power of the reporting system.  But do you know that you can create Common Core aligned assessments and administer them online? Do you know that you can create individual learning plans and monitor the progress of students as well as gain valuable information about the effectiveness of your intervention programing?

If you have created reports using PerformancePLUS, you have no doubt run into the learning curve for the module. The reporting tool takes a little while to get the hang of, but once you understand the process, there is so much information you can gain. Not only can you easily see how each student has performed on state, national and local assessments over the years, you can see how your classes and schools have performed.  

One NH district wanted to determine the value of its common locally-created assessments.  This district has been collecting data on these assessments since 2009. Since all the data was in P+, we were able to create a report to evaluate the effectiveness of local assessments for the past ten years.  The report compared the use of local assessments to scores on the state assessments. We could clearly see that there is a strong positive correlation to the use of common local assessments and the rise of scores on the state assessments. Many of the common assessments used over the years were created using questions from the Content Library module in PerformancePLUS.

 The Content Library module houses thousands of questions.   Questions come from state released items, sample SBAC and PARCC items and other sources such as EngageNY.  The questions can be put together into an assessment and used as end-of-unit, mid-year and end-of-year assessments.  Once the assessment is created it can be administered on line, using OLA, the Online Assessment module that is part of PerformancePLUS.  When teachers use OLA, the assessments are automatically scored, and the data goes directly into PerformancePLUS for reporting purposes.   Having multiple years of assessment data all stored in one place is an invaluable tool for assessing program effectiveness, determining RTI needs, and informing instruction.

The last module of PerformacePLUS that many users don’t know about is the Individual Learn Plan (ILP).  Teachers can use this module to create a plan for just one student or many students. The ILP module captures data related to student progress, parent meetings, student’s own goals, interventions used, and time spent using each intervention.  Additionally, the system can be used to determine the effectiveness of intervention programs. We all wonder if the interventions we use are effective for our students. By using the data collected in the ILP, we can determine the effectiveness of our intervention programs over time.

If you are interested in learning to use the reporting tool more effectively, or the OLA or ILP tools, please call or write to us.  We can set up phone support, on-line meetings or on-site trainings.

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