As part of the 21st Century Consortium and for all of our PerformancePLUS users we offer a series of wonderful webinars and workshops.  If you are not a current member, and would like to learn more about these webinars or our PD offerings, email us at

The Webinars typically take place between 3:15-4:15 pm and are recorded for your convenience.  

We hope you enjoy the many webinars and workshops.


Consortium Webinars
• Protocols and Routines for Collaborative, Data Driven Teaching Teams (Sep 20)
• Defining Student Learning Targets Based on NH Model Competencies in ELA, Math, Arts, Next Gen Science and the C3 Frameworks (Oct 17)
• Using the NH SAS Benchmark and Module Assessments (Nov 5)
• 16 Habits of Mind and Their Impact on Learning (Nov 14)
• Providing Effective Formative Feedback (Dec 12)
• Effective grading practices for the competency based school (Jan 24)
• Trauma Sensitive Classrooms (Mar 5)
• The Engaged Classroom: Project Based Strategies to Foster Student Ownership of Learning (Mar 21)
• Leveraging School Community Perception Data to Improve School Culture and Climate (Apr 10)
• Questioning: Teaching Students to Ask Questions - including work from The Right Question Institute (May 23)
• Analyzing NH SAS Data (Jun 4)
• Start Using Google Classroom Next Year! (Jun 7)

Consortium Workshops

June TBD - NHSAS and SAT Data Analysis

PerformancePLUS Webinars & Workshop
• ​Analyzing your NHSAS Data in P+ with Push Reports (Sep 24)
• ​Viewing Science Results in P+ (Oct 16)
• ​Using the NH SAS Benchmark and Module Assessments (Nov 5)
• ​Basic Reports in P+ and the Questions they Answer (Nov 13)
• Uploading Your Student Data in P+ (Dec 11)
• ​Advanced Filters in P+ (Jan 8)
• ​Creating a Standards Aligned Local Assessment in P+ (Jan 29)
• ​Uploading and Entering Assessment Data in P+ (Feb 19)
• Using the Individual Learning Plan in P+ (Mar 19)

• Parent Access in P+ (Apr 9)
• ​Analyzing NHSAS Data (Jun 4)

• ​Reporting Data to School Boards and Community (Jun 6)