Culture and Climate Support

In today’s educational environment, professionals are aware that academic achievement is tied to a healthy culture and climate. This includes the sense of belonging, safety and engagement in the school community. Educators are experimenting with new approaches such as trauma sensitive schooling, social emotional learning (SEL), and restorative discipline practices. These approaches, combined with a focus on school safety and supportive instructional practices, serve to create the positive school culture and climate that allows students and educators to thrive. Demonstrated Success trainers are highly trained in this area to help you succeed.

Initiatives for which we provide design, evaluation and review include:

  • Ramapo Model Workshops
  • Trauma Sensitive Schools Workshops
  • SafeMeasures™ Surveys and Process
  • Cross Content Literacy K-12
  • Our Proprietary Surveys 
  • Balanced Assessment Systems

Our partnership with Ramapo for Children allows us to offer SEL training to all adults in New Hampshire schools

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