On-Site Support

As educators, we are deeply invested in what we believe is the “right” course of action. With many different perspectives on what is the right solution, often an external review process is the best way to build whole staff buy-in and redefine schoolwide goals. Our team will guide your staff through the process of self-assessment, goal definition and action planning for meaningful change in your building or district. We approach change from an ecosystems perspective, first assessing the climate and culture along with past and current levels of expertise and knowledge. After an initial evaluation, we will use backward planning, starting with well-defined outcomes to develop a program that is successful and sustainable. Throughout the process, our team provides embedded professional development for administrators and staff to build enduring capacity.

Initiatives for which we provide design, evaluation and review include:

  • Competency Education Transition
  • Performance Assessments
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Cross Content Literacy K-12
  • Math Curriculum K-12
  • Balanced Assessment Systems
  • Response to Instruction
  • Performance Tasks
  • Data Literacy
  • Teacher Evaluation and Student Learning Objectives
  • Special Education Service Delivery
  • And Others As Needed

We offer short-term solutions, such as analysis and programming recommendations, or long-term solutions that integrate the onsite strategic planning for schools, as well as coaching and professional development needed to see program goals to fruition.