Demonstrated Success guides educators through ever-shifting priorities to improve student learning. We untangle new initiatives, identify valuable practices and facilitate implementation, all with an eye on sustainable improvement.

Meet Our Team

Demonstrated Success has a diverse team of experienced educators that can help you bring about change in your schools. We have direct classroom experience and expertise in assessment, program development (e.g. PLC systems, RTI, curriculum alignment and development, data use protocols), technology systems development, school leadership and teacher training.

Our team recognizes the importance of capitalizing on every educator’s talents and skills. We begin our work with schools by establishing a common vision and intention. We strive to develop local talent within schools, to create long-lasting, sustainable improvement.

Demonstrated Success works with educators and school facilitators across the nation to bring the right expertise to local schools. Our full team can provide targeted staff development for educators that meets your specific needs.

Mike Schwartz

mike schwartz

Ph.D., MPA President  

Mike brings decades of education and technology experience to assist states, districts and schools. Following his education in public policy at Harvard University, Mike focused his consulting skills to make a difference in K-12 education. He has worked at the state and local level and served as chairperson and a member of his school board for 10 years. Mike earned his Ph.D., with a focus on the importance of civic responsibility and 21st-century skills, within public schools.

Karen Matso

karen matso

MSW, M. Ed. Director of Professional Development and Lit. Curriculum  

Karen has 20 years of experience as an educational leader, focusing in literacy, special education and RTI, curriculum and assessment. Most recently she has served as an educational consultant in New Hampshire and has facilitated professional development and school transformation initiatives in New Hampshire, Maine, and Connecticut. Karen is a passionate educator and lively presenter.

Ann Mordecai

ann mordecai

M. Ed. Director of Assessments and Math Curriculum  

Ann helped her local elementary school turn from being one of the lowest performing in the state to the top performer as measured by the state accountability system. Ann has the direct experience to help teachers personalize instruction. As a math specialist, Ann brings years of experience and a thorough knowledge of state and national standards.

Ryan Stevens

ryan stevens

AS CS Technology Manager  

Ryan has 18 years of information technology experience in education, insurance and finance. He turns ideas into reality through technology. He spent 9 years as a software developer at the NH Department of Education, helping build information systems such as Apprenticeship, Career and Technical Education, i4see, Grant Management, Food and Nutrition, Educator Evaluation and Statistical Surveys.

Paula Tsetsilas

Paula Tsetsilas

B.S. in Business Adm. Marketing Manager  

Paula is a data-driven marketing specialist with a B.S. in Business Administration who spent over a decade building multi-media advertising campaigns for leading national brands like General Motors, Verizon and the Dial Corporation. During her ten years at home raising young children, Paula developed a passion for education and made the transition to support public schools. Paula is a past PTA co-President and is currently serving as an elected member of her local School Board.

Rob Hanson

rob hanson

M.Ed. school adm. specialist  

Rob has over 15 years of school principal and leadership experience. As an elementary school principal, he lead the transformation of a struggling school into an award winning school, helping student achievement soar in the process. Recently, he’s been assisting schools in using data to close achievement gaps and accelerate student growth. He is passionate about improving school learning and culture.

kevin scott

kevin scott

Lead Developer School Leadership Specialist  

Kevin is a Senior Developer and has spent three years with Demonstrated Success. He has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and has been developing database driven software programs for over a decade.

Cyndy Currier

cyndy currier

M.Ed. school support specialist  

Cyndy has years of experience working in public schools as a teacher, technology director and trainer. Cyndy has played many roles including support with formative assessments, data use by teachers and administrators, educator evaluation systems, and years of support for data collection — assisting schools with local student information systems and state data submission.